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Priti Jhingran, Vice President, Evidence Strategy at Genesis Research and Tijana Ignjatovic, a Director of our payer insights division Market Access Transformation, recently presented a webinar with on the topic of ‘Accelerating the Generation of Payer Insights & Evidence Across the Product Lifecycle to Achieve Optimal Access’.

In an evolving healthcare environment with constant economic pressures, there is an increasing need to generate robust and actionable payer insights, beginning in the early stages of development and continuing all the way to post-launch. Actionable payer insights facilitate an informed approach to evidence generation that will be meaningful to payer, HTA, and medical decision-makers.

This webinar is designed to inform HEOR, RWE, and market access leads in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

Access the webinar.

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Priti Jhingran of Genesis Research & Tijana Ignjatovic of MAT


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