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Access & pricing

Integrating insights and evidence to achieve optimal market access

Trust an expert access and pricing team, powered by our RPR online engagement platform and a global network of 3500+ vetted stakeholders, to secure your market access, reimbursement, and pricing objectives.

market access evidence generation for biopharma

Our pricing and market access services include:

  • RPR stakeholder engagement platform
  • HTA landscape
  • Disease landscapes
  • Pricing and reimbursement landscape
  • Contracting/formulary decisions landscape
  • Briefing or strategic playbooks
  • Target product profile optimization
  • Value message development
  • Objection handlers
  • Product Value Proposition (PVP) development
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Payer segmentation
  • Therapy benchmarking/minimum required magnitude of benefit
  • Advisory boards
  • Strategy workshops
  • Market access concept workshop with payers

Fit-for-purpose strategy and value demonstration

Our access and pricing team, further strengthened by our 2022 integration of Market Access Transformation, offers a deep understanding of stakeholder needs plus an agile, integrated approach that draws support from our wider RWE and HEOR capabilities as required.

  • Market access strategy development: We identify and address key challenges and opportunities across different markets using a variety of research methods and data sources, and advise on product positioning, value demonstration and stakeholder engagement.
  • Pricing strategy and analysis: We help you set and optimize the price of your product, considering the market dynamics, payer expectations, competitor activities, and regulatory requirements, and by assessing the impact of different pricing scenarios on your revenue and profitability.
  • Payer environment assessment: We advise on the payer landscape and decision-making processes in different markets through primary and secondary research, stakeholder mapping, and scenario planning. We also help you prepare for payer negotiations by providing training and coaching.
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Secure robust insights with our unique stakeholder engagement platform

Direct stakeholder engagement is critical when assessing your access and pricing strategy, insights, and messaging. Supported by our experts, our online RPR platform leverages a global network of 3,500+ vetted stakeholders across 65+ countries to secure robust insights in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional approach.

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The RPR platform integrates real-world insights from decision-makers, enriching research findings and bridging data gaps to align with research goals.

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RPR not only fills research gaps but also refines insight. For instance, while secondary research might hint at a need for more RWE, RPR pinpoints the methodologies and outcomes acceptable to payers.

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RPR dives deeper than traditional research, sourcing data directly from key audiences, including payers, physicians, KOLs, and patient advocacy groups.

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Manufacturers can fine-tune their market access and pricing strategies with RPR, enabling precise decision-making and clear identification of both risks and opportunities.

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About RPR
Accelerated Insight Generation

Where technology meets market access expertise

Supported by specialist teams, our suite of agile technology platforms allows us to provide clients with enhanced pricing and market access services by delivering impactful insights at an accelerated rate.

Our RPR platform can be employed to integrate stakeholder insights into any aspect of product development and commercialization. EVID AI enhances and accelerates literature reviews; RWE Dashboards leverage data visualization techniques to transform and extrapolate value from complex data into communicable insights; and our Integrated Evidence Planning platforms meet the challenge of evidence organization and communication.

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Shining the light on vaccine market access

A World EPA Congress 2024 presentation with Katrin Nather, PhD, Associate Director, and Tijana Ignjatovic, Executive Director, Genesis Research Group.

With more and more innovative vaccines and immunization strategies coming to the market, there is an increasing drive for understanding the key decision drivers for vaccine market access. However, the overall decision-making processes across markets are often ill-defined.

Through our proprietary RPR platform, we have engaged with key decision stakeholders in vaccine market access to ‘shine a light’ on key decision criteria and access processes for vaccines in order to evaluate the opportunities of novel vaccines and guide strategic market access decisions.

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Flexible Integrated Teams (FIT)

Market access research partnerships reimagined

Your access and pricing needs can be met through our optional FIT engagement model, an innovative approach which provides dedicated, cross-functional RWE, HEOR, and market access teams that integrate seamlessly within your own to fill experience gaps or supplement existing resources.

The size and composition of your team can gradually evolve or pivot quickly to meet your changing needs, all without the costly delays involved in adjusting a statement of work.

A trusted extension of your organization, our team becomes your team.

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Selected access and pricing publications

Our teams have co-authored over 1000 publications across the full range of therapeutic areas, data sources, indications, and methods. A selection of our recent access and pricing related publications can be found below. For a wider list, please visit our publications directory.

TitleGR Author(s)YearTherapeutic AreaData SourceJournal/ConferenceFull Citation & Links
Assessment of the relevance and credibility of indirect treatment comparisons to help inform health technology assessment and reimbursement decision-making: results of a 5-country payer survey.Katsoulis I, Graham A2023General MedicineRPR SurveyISPOR EuropeView
Paradigm Shift or Incremental Change? Real-World Evidence for Health Technology Assessment in Oncology.Ignjatovic T2023OncologyRPR SurveyISPOR EuropeView
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