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Review a selection of RWE & HEOR consulting case studies to discover how our integrated approach, therapeutic expertise, and research capabilities has impacted the success of those with whom we work.

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Evidence Synthesis Case Study

Targeted literature review for lung cancer RWE to support HTA submission

There was a lack of literature and randomized controlled trial data evaluating to the post-surgery follow-up care among early non-small cell lung cancer (eNSCLC) patients who experienced locoregional recurrence. Client required literature review expertise to assess current state of the eNSCLC outcomes.

Genesis Research Group collaborated with the client to design and conduct a targeted literature review (TLR) to analyze survival and treatment patterns outcomes in observational studies.

Ultimately, the data found was used to support inputs for economic models and health technology assessment (HTA) submission.

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Evidence strategy/IEP case study

Strategic support with new rare disease indication

The client requested support in planning short- and long-term HEOR strategies.

Since indications were rare diseases with limited existing data on the population, developing an evidence base required a unique approach, including planning natural history studies, registry-based analyses, and de novo data collection.

We collaborated with the client to develop a customized strategy to build an evidence base for pipeline indications and a custom integrated evidence platform (IEP) that boosted internal communication and knowledge management across the global organization.

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HEOR Case Study

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis: evaluate HCRU and burden of illness

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a varied, complex pattern of kidney damage that has several different causes and numerous names and terminology, as well as different proposed classification systems.

Evidence generation required (1.) claims to summarize the cost and HCRU burden and (2.) clinical data (e.g. labs from EHR) to accurately identify patients in the study cohort.

We collaborated with the client to develop a protocol and analysis plan.

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RPR case study

Obtaining insights on a trial design for an external control arm in multiple myeloma

A new drug was being investigated in a single arm study to evaluate its efficacy and safety in MM participants. The client identified a need to generate evidence on the standard of care, which could be done by creating an external control arm using real-world data.

RPR was used to obtain key KOL and payer insights on the appropriate study design elements required to create a robust external control arm.

Within three weeks, RPR was able to gather robust insights that allowed clients to identify best and worst practices for designing an ECA and understand that the publication of final results in a peer-reviewed journal was considered the most crucial evidence.

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RWE Dashboard Case Study

RWE Dashboards that leverage EHR and claims data

A client responsible for guiding internal decision-makings using real-world evidence faced the challenges of generating RWE in a rapid but rigorous and transparent manner and communicating the insights produced in an easy-to-digest, impactful way.

We collaborated with the client to create a set of highly customized RWE Dashboards for a solid tumor using EHR and claims data, and these enabled the client to advise internally using RWE generated with a rigorous, transparent approach.

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