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IEP Platforms

Leverage technology to facilitate planning and optimize value demonstration

Collaborative online platforms that facilitate integrated evidence planning (IEP), provides optimal visibility to internal stakeholders, and ensures alignment across functional and geographic teams.

iep platforms

Why IEP Platforms?

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Manage your evidence generation through a single online hub
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Find essential evidence and project updates quickly and easily
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Share evidence and progress with colleagues and stakeholders

Enhancing evidence management and communication

Our Integrated Evidence Planning (IEP) Platforms offer an intuitive, fully customizable online solution to the complexity of evidence generation planning, management, alignment, and communication across critical stages of the product lifecycle, managing high volumes of data in such a way that HEOR product teams and stakeholders can quickly identify evidence and understand value messages.

  • Centralized governance for evidence planning, generation and management
  • Product evidence/value message alignment
  • Tactical resource dissemination to team members and affiliates
  • Better understanding of the evidence base
  • An intuitive interface and intelligent searches
  • Repositories for IEP, documentation, evidence, and references.
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IEP examples

Ask us how our integrated evidence planning solutions can address your HEOR and RWE challenges.

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Flexible Integrated Teams (FIT)

Research partnerships reimagined

Our IEP and other technology platforms such as EVID AI, Dashboards, and RPR are often requested as part of a FIT engagement. This form of relationship provides dedicated, cross-functional teams that integrate seamlessly within your own to fill experience gaps or supplement existing resources.

The size and composition of your team can gradually evolve or pivot quickly to meet your changing needs, all without the costly delays involve in adjusting a statement of work.

A trusted extension of your organization, our team becomes your team.

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Evidence strategy/IEP case study

Strategic support with new rare disease indication

The client requested support in planning short- and long-term HEOR strategies.

Since indications were rare diseases with limited existing data on the population, developing an evidence base required a unique approach, including planning natural history studies, registry-based analyses, and de novo data collection.

We collaborated with the client to develop a customized strategy to build an evidence base for pipeline indications and a custom integrated evidence platform (IEP) that boosted internal communication and knowledge management across the global organization.

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Accelerate your insight generation

Our other equally powerful technology platforms play an integral role in our ability to provide life sciences companies with a better way to optimize insights and evidence.

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Stakeholder insights when you need them

RPR is an agile, on-demand platform that leverages a network of 3,000+ payers and decision-makers in 65+ countries to provide clients with faster, higher-quality insights via direct automated stakeholder engagement which includes the ability to ask follow-up questions.

What is RPR?
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AI-powered evidence synthesis

EVID AI is an AI-powered literature review platform that provides the world’s largest, up-to-date database of healthcare literature results and employs machine learning to extract and present the required data within structured evidence tables.

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rwe dashboards

Visualize and communicate RWE

Our interdisciplinary scientific teams design, build, customize, and implement fit-for-purpose RWE Dashboards that transform complex data into easily digestible insights that are rigorous, transparent, and impactful.

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