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Stakeholder Insights

Optimize your strategy through direct stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder and payer engagement is increasingly important in the development of fit-for-purpose evidence, whether to test a particular aspect of your strategy or to provide iterative feedback on an entire evidence generation plan.

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Rapid Payer Response
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Technology-infused research

Trust the voice of the stakeholder to test your evidence strategy and optimize market access

  • Leverage our agile, tech-enabled RPR platform to develop robust market access strategies and fit-for-purpose evidence-generation plans.
  • Secure critical payer, KOL, patient advocacy group, and policy maker insights across the product lifecycle.
  • Engage with a global network of 3,500+ vetted stakeholders across 65+ countries to test your market access and evidence strategies as they evolve.
About RPR

Meeting the challenge of the new evidence paradigm

Evidence is a critical part of access decision-making across the lifecycle of a product, with life science companies now needing to take an iterative approach to insight and evidence generation that begins in early development. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of development and commercialization activities and reduces the time to market.

By combining our HEOR/RWE strategic expertise with RPR, an agile on-demand technology platform that leverages 3500+ global payers, key opinion leaders, patients, and/or regulators, we obtain robust insights from stakeholder and payer engagement faster than ever before and can review, revisit, and adapt evidence strategies at any stage of the process.

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A global, vetted stakeholder network

3500+ experts across 65 countries are ready to provide the answers and clarifications you need

We search the globe for the most reputable experts before vetting them for suitability through a rigorous quality assurance and testing procedure. Each expert is tagged and classified according to their area of expertise and location, so that we can match the right experts to the right research objectives for our clients.

If you are an experienced healthcare decision-maker/stakeholder interested in helping to optimize patient outcomes, we invite you to consider sharing your expertise via our online survey platform, providing input when your schedule allows and being remunerated for your time.

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Stakeholder validation of EGPs

Well-executed evidence generations plans (EGPs) present and address the diverse evidence requirements of multiple stakeholders. Through RPR, we can quickly help clients test their strategy with those stakeholders and re-validate EGPs as the landscape and product strategy evolves to ensure the delivery of a robust and relevant evidence packages.

Find out more by watching our presentation on ‘Stakeholder Validation of Evidence Generation Plans (EGPs) to Achieve Optimal Access’, as delivered at the World EPA Congress by our VP, Evidence Strategy, Priti Jhingran.

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Find out how RPR can find the robust answers you need in a fraction of the time of the traditional approach.

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