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Research partnerships reimagined

Genesis Research Group delivers agile, tech-enabled, scientifically rigorous RWE and HEOR solutions that leverage stakeholder insights, data agnostic expertise, and a revolutionary engagement model to optimize evidence generation.



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About us

Founded in 2009, Genesis Research Group is recognized as a trusted partner within the life sciences sector, having established a powerful reputation for scientific excellence and innovative tech solutions.

Our international team of 200+ scientists, data specialists, and thought leaders have published over 1000 scientific publications in top-tier journals.

We offer a deep understanding of global markets and payer needs, enabling us to provide robust, fit-for-purpose integrated insights and evidence to address the needs of payers, regulators, and decision-makers.

Our unique Flexible Integrated Team engagement model allows us to become one with your own team and pivot quickly to your evolving biotech and pharma research consultancy needs without the costly delays in adjusting a statement of work.

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Our vision

Our vision is to revolutionize healthcare research and boost patient access to optimal care by delivering accelerated excellence through agile, technology-enabled research partnerships.

Our strengths

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We provide highly experienced, agile, cross-functional teams that integrate seamlessly with those of our clients and across multiple disciplines.

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We infuse our research with technology to accelerate and enhance evidence optimization and communication.

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Supported by our global stakeholder network, we lead the industry in the integration of stakeholder insights into evidence planning and generation.

Our better way

Experience the power of an integrated approach

By taking an integrated approach to research that unites technology, stakeholder insights, evidence strategy generation, broad dataset expertise, and multiple communication tools, we deliver rigorous and impactful evidence at an accelerated rate.

Since our founding in 2009, Genesis Research Group has strived to find a better way to support the industry. Our current model is a result of years of listening to our clients and evolving the organization to meet their needs.

By integrating a data agnostic approach to real-world evidence with the accelerated insights generated by our suite of technology platforms and an agile Flexible Integrated Team (FIT) engagement model, we are able to provide our clients with a better way to optimize insights and evidence across therapeutic areas and at all stages of the product lifecycle.

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Flexible Integrated Teams (FIT)

Fit-for-purpose expertise, when and how you need it.

Our FIT engagement model provides dedicated, cross-functional teams that integrate seamlessly with your own and adapt to your changing needs without the costly delays involved in adjusting a statement of work.

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Data agnostic RWE expertise

Ask the right questions, use the right data.

While some providers are limited by the datasets they use, our data-agnostic RWE expertise means we help you ask the right questions and then bring all relevant global data to bear to demonstrate product value.

Leverage RWE expertise
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Technology-infused research

Where agile technology meets expertise.

Fully supported by expert technical teams, our suite of customized technology platforms plays an integral role in our ability to provide life sciences companies with a better way to optimize insights and evidence.

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Infuse your evidence with stakeholder insights

RPR platform
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Trust the voice of the stakeholder

Transparent stakeholder insights at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Uniquely, Genesis Research Group offers a flexible, robust, and efficient solution to obtaining stakeholder insights.

High quality engagement with payers and other stakeholders can significantly enhance decision-making at all stages of product development. We are able to provide clients with both a global, vetted stakeholder network and a transparent online platform to facilitate this engagement.

  • Leverage our agile, tech-enabled RPR platform to develop robust fit-for-purpose evidence-generation plans and/or market access strategies.
  • Secure critical regulatory, patient, KOL, and payer insights across the lifecycle, with the ability to ask both follow-up and clarificatory questions.
  • Engage with a global network of 3,500+ vetted stakeholders across 65+ countries to test your evidence strategy as it evolves.
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A global, vetted stakeholder network

3500+ experts across 65 countries are ready to provide the answers and clarifications you need

We search the globe for the most reputable experts before vetting them for suitability through a rigorous quality assurance and testing procedure. Each expert is tagged and classified according to their area of expertise and location, so that we can match the right experts to the right research objectives for our clients.

If you are an experienced healthcare decision-maker/stakeholder interested in helping to optimize patient outcomes, we invite you to consider sharing your expertise via our online survey platform, providing input when your schedule allows and being remunerated for your time.

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End-to-end integrated evidence planning and value demonstration

With expertise across RWE, HEOR, and access and pricing, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies of all sizes rely on us to meet their evidence needs.

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  • HEOR and RWE strategic planning
  • Value proposition development
  • Advisory boards and payer panels
  • HTA/ICER support
  • RPR stakeholder insights
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  • Claims and EHR database analyses
  • External control arms
  • Meta-analysis and indirect treatment comparisons
  • Targeted and systematic literature reviews
  • Patient Registries
  • Economic modeling
  • Outcomes-based contracting
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  • EVID AI platform: technology-assisted evidence synthesis
  • Interactive RWE Dashboards
  • Evidence management platforms
  • RWE automation
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  • Value dossiers
  • Manuscripts, abstracts, and posters
  • Evidence slide decks for MSL and commercial teams
  • HTA submissions

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We are really impressed with the efficiency and quality of the work, your leadership skills, and the extra efforts you’ve made to ensure the results are absolutely accurate.

HEOR/RWE client

Genesis Research Group is a valued, relied upon and trusted partner on our most important deliverables.

HEOR/RWE client

Your culture of hiring and retaining good people provides stability and consistency.

HEOR/RWE client

RPR… is my go-to resource to gain real-time insights from providers and payers on the value drivers for diagnostics across disparate care areas…

Head of Global Access, GE Healthcare


111 River Street, Suite 1120
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, US