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Scientific communications

Leverage our specialized medical writers to develop impactful communications

Successful dissemination of scientific knowledge relies on researchers and writers working together to develop clear and concise documents for publication. Our experienced medical writers work closely with the research team to develop rigorous communications that inform and influence healthcare decision-makers.

Scientific communications


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journal articles and presentations in 2023

Scientific communications solutions include:

  • Abstracts and posters for conferences
  • Slide decks for podium presentations
  • Manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals
  • Submission support to scientific journals
  • Visual abstracts
  • Slides and scripts for videos, webinars, or conference presentations

Scientific rigor that is absolute

Crafting effective HEOR / RWE scientific communications deliverables – abstracts, conference posters/slide decks, and manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications – demands a specialized skill set.

Our journey has led us to assemble a global team of seasoned medical writers. These experts, backed by RWE, access and pricing, and HEOR thought leaders, consistently deliver scientific communications of optimal quality and impact.

With guidance and direction from the authors, we provide our clients with expertise in:

  • Writing content from final reports and results tables
  • Copyediting content written by others
  • Formatting text and figures to conform to journal or conference requirements
  • Recommending target journals
  • Drafting communications to journal editors
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Flexible Integrated Teams (FIT)

Our team becomes your team

Our scientific communication solutions can be offered as part of an optional FIT engagement. These flexible partnerships provide dedicated, cross-functional teams that integrate seamlessly within your own to fill experience gaps or supplement existing resources.

The size and composition of your team can gradually evolve or quickly pivot to meet your changing needs, all without the costly delays involved in adjusting a statement of work.

A trusted extension of your organization, our team becomes your team.

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Selected publications

Our team members have co-authored more than 1000 publications across a range of therapeutic areas, data sources, indications, and methods. A selection of publications co-authored by our scientific communications team can be found below. For a wider list, please visit our publications list.

TitleGR Author(s)YearTherapeutic AreaData SourceJournal/ConferenceFull Citation & Links
Real-world characteristics of patients with wild-type transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy: an analysis of electronic healthcare records in the United States.Crowley A, Benjumea D2023CardiologyOptum EHRAmerican Journal of Cardiovascular DrugsView
A study of the healthcare resource use for the management of postpartum haemorrhage in France, Italy, the Netherlands, and the UK.Hollier-Hann G2022Obstetrics/gynecologyn/aEuropean Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive BiologyView
The current landscape and emerging applications for real‐world data in diagnostics and clinical decision support and its impact on regulatory decision making.Surinach A, Pashos C2022General Medicinen/aClinical Pharmacology & TherapeuticsView
View our full publication list

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