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Envision™ Analogue

Forecasting oncology market access viability with payer-powered analogue analysis

Powered by primary payer market research, Envision™ is an online platform that provides forward-looking evaluations and comprehensive strategic direction for market access viability after an oncology product has received positive EMA or FDA guidance.

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Envision™ Analogue

Timely, rigorous and cost-effective analysis of recently reviewed oncology assets

Envision™ enables companies with development
stage oncology products to:

  • Understand early payer critiques of clinical data submitted to the FDA/EMA for registrations purposes, including that of competitors
  • Learn from a reimbursement situation in which one tumour type has relevance for another
  • Benchmark Target Product Profiles (TPPs)
  • Analyze potential market access and pricing outcomes for competing products in the same indication
  • Inform and improve clinical, market access and pricing strategies at the earliest possible stage
  • Access a dynamic, growing library of analogue situations with relevance for your product.
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Envision: an introduction

Sample indications and products covered:


  • NSCLC (Imfinzi + tremelimumab; Lumykras)
  • Multiple myeloma (Talvey, Elrexfio, Carvykti)
  • DLBCL (Tepkinly, Zynlonta, Breyanzi)
  • Breast cancer (Orserdu, Enhertu)
  • Melanoma (Opdualag)… plus more
Latest assessments:


  • Talvey, Elrexfio (multiple myeloma)
  • Tepkinly (DLBCL)
  • Omjjara (myelofibrosis)
  • Talzenna (prostate cancer)

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Rapid stakeholder insights

RPR logo - stakeholder insights
Technology-infused research

Trust the voice of the stakeholder to test your evidence strategy and optimize market access

  • Leverage our agile, tech-enabled RPR platform to develop robust market access strategies and fit-for-purpose evidence-generation plans.
  • Secure critical payer, KOL, patient advocacy group, and policy maker insights across the product lifecycle.
  • Engage with a global network of 3,500+ vetted stakeholders across 65+ countries to test your market access and evidence strategies as they evolve.
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RPR platform

A global, vetted stakeholder network

3500+ experts across 65 countries are ready to provide the answers and clarifications you need

We search the globe for the most reputable experts before vetting them for suitability through a rigorous quality assurance and testing procedure. Each expert is tagged and classified according to their area of expertise and location, so that we can match the right experts to the right research objectives for our clients.

If you are an experienced healthcare decision-maker/stakeholder interested in helping to optimize patient outcomes, we invite you to consider sharing your expertise via our online survey platform, providing input when your schedule allows and being remunerated for your time.

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Accelerate your insight generation

Our other equally powerful technology platforms play an integral role in our ability to provide life sciences companies with a better way to optimize insights and evidence.

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Integrated evidence planning

Tailored precisely to your needs, Integrated Evidence Planning (IEP) platforms provide an intuitive online solution to the complexity of evidence generation planning, management, alignment, and communication across critical stages of the product lifecycle.

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EVID AI logo

AI-powered evidence synthesis

EVID AI is an AI-powered literature review platform that provides the world’s largest, up-to-date database of healthcare literature results and employs machine learning to extract and present the required data within structured evidence tables.

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rwe dashboards

Visualize and communicate RWE

Our interdisciplinary scientific team designs, builds, customizes, and implements fit-for-purpose RWE Dashboards that transform complex data into easily digestible insights that are rigorous, transparent, and impactful.

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