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RWE Dashboards

A better way to visualize and communicate real-world evidence

Leverage our fit-for-purpose RWE Dashboards to transform complex data into digestible insights that are rigorous, transparent, and impactful.

RWE Dashboards


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rwe dashboards

Empower your real-world evidence research

Our integrated team of outcomes research and data scientists, programmers, and visualization analysts design, build, and implement RWE Dashboards for biotech and pharma clients that are customized precisely to specific requirements.

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“EVID’s ability to allow us to filter on study types and outcomes saved us weeks of manual effort, especially important for this urgent update.”

- Pharma Client

Are you interested in leveraging technology to enhance the impact of your scientific insights?

Discover how technology can empower your real-world evidence research.

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Example RWE Dashboard screenshots

How are they used?

Leveraging RWE Dashboards throughout your data journey.

Feasibility assessment

  • Obtain preliminary sample sizes to inform study feasibility and design
  • Refine study concept and guide protocol development


  • Enable quick data inquiry using the methodology defined in protocol
  • Provide data-driven insights for internal stakeholders

Evidence generation

  • Conduct descriptive, protocol-driven analyses
  • Apply pre-defined customizations to fit your needs

and comms

  • Data visuals aligned with your branding style
  • Results tailored to audience
  • Data that’s easy to file and download
  • Online-accessible platform

Data refresh

  • Results updated and quality-controlled using the latest data

“The project team…was excellent…10 out of 10... I’m very, very pleased with the end product.”

Pharma RWE Dashboard client

Enhance the impact of your scientific insights with RWE dashboards for biotech and pharma

Team expertise

Integrated team expertise

A team of outcomes research and data scientists, programmers, and visualization analysts, working seamlessly to unite insights and expertise.
Rigorous approach


Dashboards built to present and visualize protocol-driven research studies, with careful control to enable the appropriate interpretation of findings.
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Highly customized dashboard design to address specific research questions, source data, intended use, and intended stakeholders/audience.
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A collaborative, phased, scientific approach with an emphasis on transparency in the methodology behind each dashboard.

Ask us how interactive dashboards can revolutionize your real-world evidence research projects.

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Flexible Integrated Teams (FIT)

Research partnerships reimagined

Both RWE Dashboards and our other technology platforms – EVID AI, Integrated Evidence Planning Platforms, and RPR – can enhance a Flexible Integrated Team (FIT) engagement. This form of relationship provides dedicated, cross-functional teams that integrate seamlessly within your own to fill experience gaps or supplement existing resources.

The size and composition of your team can gradually evolve or pivot quickly to meet your changing needs, all without the costly delays involve in adjusting a statement of work.

A trusted extension of your organization, our team becomes your team.

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RWE Dashboard Case Study

RWE Dashboards that leverage EHR and claims data

A client responsible for guiding internal decision-makings using real-world evidence faced the challenges of generating RWE in a rapid but rigorous and transparent manner and communicating the insights produced in an easy-to-digest, impactful way.

We collaborated with the client to create a set of highly customized RWE Dashboards for a solid tumor using EHR and claims data, and these enabled the client to advise internally using RWE generated with a rigorous, transparent approach.

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Accelerate your insight generation

Our other equally powerful technology platforms play an integral role in our ability to provide life sciences companies with a better way to optimize insights and evidence.

RPR logo - stakeholder insights

Stakeholder insights when you need them

RPR is an agile, on-demand platform that leverages a network of 3,000+ payers and decision-makers in 65+ countries to provide clients with faster, higher-quality insights via direct automated stakeholder engagement which includes the ability to ask follow-up questions.

What is RPR?
EVID AI logo

AI-powered evidence synthesis

EVID AI is an AI-powered literature review platform that provides the world’s largest, up-to-date database of healthcare literature results and employs machine learning to extract and present the required data within structured evidence tables.

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IEP platform logo

Integrated evidence planning

Tailored precisely to your needs, Integrated Evidence Planning (IEP) platforms provide an intuitive online solution to the complexity of evidence generation planning, management, alignment, and communication across critical stages of the product lifecycle.

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